Hawaii students improve science scores

October 29, 2016

Hawaii fourth and eighth graders made slight improvements in a 2015 Science assessment conducted by the National Assessment Governing Board and the National Center for Education Statistics.

For fourth graders, the average score of 146 was six points higher than the score in 2009, which was 140. Eighth graders fared well as the average score of 144 was five points higher than the score of 139 in 2009.

“These results validate the gains that we reported earlier this month as part of our Hawaii Science assessments,” said Kathryn Matayoshi, HIDOE superintendent.

While Hawaii’s scores still trail the national average for public schools.

Grade 4 students in Hawaii are 6.95 points lower than the national average score of 152.76. Eighth graders trail the national average of 152.89 by 8.81 points.

The NAEP does not provide score breakdowns by school or by island, but Derek Inoshita, HIDOE spokesman, wrote via email that out of the 2,300 fourth-graders who took the statewide assessment, 152 were from Kauai. Out of the 2,200 eighth graders who took the assessment, 132 were on Kauai.