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Bus is back at Bogus

January 2, 2019

BOISE — Bogus Basin announced that public transportation, i.e. bus service, is back for holiday and weekend skiers and snowboarders, according to a press release. Busses will run daily through Sunday, January 6, which marks the end of the winter holiday break. After that, the service will be available on weekends and holidays only for the remainder of the season.

Local commuters were disappointed to learn at the beginning of the season that bus service to Bogus Basin had been discontinued. Officials at the area have been working to find a new partner to shuttle guests to the mountain on weekends and holidays.

“Accessibility is a key part of our nonprofit mission,” said General Manager Brad Wilson, “so we were determined to find an affordable solution quickly for our guests. We are pleased to resume this service and we encourage people to take advantage to ensure that it continues.”

Bus tickets to Bogus Basin — both round trip and one way — will cost $10, cash only. Passengers will pay when they board the bus. The bus route has changed and will include three stops at new locations.

Although one trip up and down the mountain per day is planned for now, additional trips may be added if ridership warrants. For more information, visit bogusbasin.org or call 208-332-5330.

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