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Prime Minister to Move into 40-Room Palace

February 8, 1989

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ The government won a bid to buy an official residence for its prime minister, a 40-room palace on the waterfront that already has been dubbed Sweden’s 10 Downing St., the owners said Wendesday.

The price of the palace, at No. 18 Stromgatan, was about $7.2 million. Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson won’t move in until after $2.4 million in renovations, said Tommy Thulin, an official of the Sager foundation, which owned it.

Carlsson, who rents an apartment owned by the Swedish crown, will have his new home tucked between the prime minister’s office and the foreign ministry, with a view toward the royal palace. The 1,380-square-yard building also will include conference halls and foreign ministry offices.

Its last owner, Leo Sager, bequeathed it to the Roman Catholic church on condition his wife could stay as long as she lived. She died in May at age 93.

The Sager foundation, which administers the estate for the church, said other bids were higher but it decided to sell to the government to ensure the palace wouldn’t be torn down.

Until the 1986 assassination of Olof Palme, prime ministers in egalitarian Sweden lived in their own homes.