Havasu man brandishes gun at supermarket parking lot, police say

February 19, 2019

Lake Havasu City Police officers responded to a McCulloch Boulevard after receiving reports of a man who allegedly brandished a handgun in a supermarket parking lot. Witnesses said the man left the scene on a motorcycle prior to officers’ arrival, the report said.

Officers located the man, identified as 31-year-old Havasu resident Justin P. Hilliger, shortly afterward, at a restaurant several blocks away. Hilliger surrendered his firearm to officers, the report said, and officers allegedly observed the weapon’s serial numbers to have been filed off. Hilliger was also observed to be intoxicated during his interaction with officers, the report said.

Hilliger was arrested at the scene, and submitted to a series of field sobriety tests at Lake Havasu City Jail, on which he allegedly performed poorly. A breath test showed his blood-alcohol concentration to be 0.113, the report said. According to police, Hilliger denied removing his gun from his holster while at the supermarket.

He allegedly told officers he bought the weapon for $350 from a friend, whose last name Hilliger was unable to provide. Hilliger said he was unaware the serial number on his weapon was filed off, the report said.

Hilliger was charged with possession of a defaced weapon, disorderly conduct with a weapon and DUI.

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