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Prosecutors Subpoena 40 Officers In Police Corruption Probe

January 3, 1986

MIAMI (AP) _ Prosecutors investigating a ring of police accused of crimes ranging from cocaine theft to murder have subpoenaed 40 Miami police officers to see what they might know about the crimes, officials said.

″What we are attempting to do is to gain information as to their knowledge of any illegal activities that the principals of this case might have been involved in,″ Metro-Dade Police Homicide Lt. Larry Martin said Thursday.

″None of the city officers that were subpoenaed″ are suspects in any crime, added Martin, whose organization probed crimes allegedly committed by city police officers.

Of those subpoenaed, 36 went to the state attorney’s office and some agreed to be questioned.

Others refused questioning because they had to sign forms waiving their right to immunity from prosecution, The Miami Herald reported today.

Officer Ken Nelson, president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police and one of those subpoenaed, said his group has advised officers not to sign the form.

″Most people I know declined to sign the waiver,″ Nelson said.

Most of the subpoenaed officers are assigned to street patrol on the night shift and may have worked with the eight former or current officers arrested last week.

Only one of the eight has posted bond. Felix Beruvides, 28, posted a $100,000 bond Tuesday and was released from the Dade County jail, where he had been held on charges that he stole $1.9 million worth of cocaine during a police raid.