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DeKalb County Board addresses salt supply concerns again

February 25, 2019 GMT

SYCAMORE – DeKalb County Board members and highway officials addressed rumors about the county running out of road salt during a board meeting Wednesday night at the DeKalb County Legislative Center.

DeKalb County Board member Misty Haji-Sheikh said she wanted to acknowledge the efforts of County Engineer Nathan Schwartz and the rest of the county’s highway department. She said she wanted to make the comment because she thought the highway department had been getting “some bad publicity.”

“They’ve had a lot to contend with,” Haji-Sheikh said, referring to this winter season’s conditions.

Schwartz said during the meeting that the county’s salt supply is “just shy of half-full,” and there will be more salt deliveries coming. That comes after he previously addressed the rumors of the county running out of salt more than a week ago.

Board Chairman Mark Pietrowski Jr. said it appears that the rumors started when one school official allegedly told parents that a highway commissioner told them that the county was running out of salt.

“It’s just amazing to me how rumors start,” Pietrowski said.

Brent O’Daniell, superintendent for Genoa-Kingston School District 424, said in a Feb. 12 email that one township road commissioner asked if he could buy some salt from the district and that the school district didn’t have any extra to offer. That’s after an alleged email to district families from O’Daniell that was reposted on a Facebook page said road salt was “starting to become depleted” at the county level.

DeKalb County gas prices

This past week, average gas prices in DeKalb County were about $2.363 a gallon of unleaded, according to AAA on Thursday. That’s about a dime more than the price the previous week, when it was $2.267.

As of Thursday, the lowest listed prices at DeKalb County gas stations were $2.28 at FS Fast Stop in DeKalb, 880 Peace Road and Pleasant St., and Fast Stop in Waterman, 9391 Route 23 and Route 30; and $2.29 at Casey’s General Store in Kingston, 129 E. Railroad St. and Main St., Marathon in Kirkland, 411 Main St. and Fourth St., and Casey’s in Shabbona, 317 W. Comanche Ave. and Shabbona Road, according to GasBuddy.com.