Bucks on the lam from deer farm

January 4, 2019

A young, fallow deer buck was recently seen on the east side of Whitney, pleasantly grazing its way through a field.

According to Randy Nelson, it and a another, brown fallow deer buck have been missing since October, when he took them and a third buck to the elk farm of Eldon Golightly, located on the southwestern edge of Whitney.

The third buck was captured shortly after the escape in the yard of a Cornish resident. It’s partners, however, have been on the lam ever since, having been sighted in different places around Preston.

On Christmas Day, both were sighted in the Whitney area. The white one near Oneida and 2600 East, and the brown one near 800 South.

“The problem is that if they lie down, they are invisible,” Nelson said.

The almost white coat of the fallow buck is great camouflage, especially with snow on the ground. The brown deer has spots on it, making it difficult to see as well.

He hopes that if they are seen, the spotters will give him a call at 435-770-7603 immediately to he can find them.

Nelson raises fallow deer near Richmond, Utah, for ranches that offer custom hunts. The deer he raises often have trophy antlers, he said. Nelson de-antlers them to prevent them from injuring each other, but that also makes it much easier for them to get through fencing.

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