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Eric Swalwell: There are better ways to spend military money than a parade

February 7, 2018 GMT

Rep. Eric Swalwell said Wednesday that he’s not necessarily against the idea of a military parade that President Trump has suggested, but he said the money could be put to better uses.

“The military deserve a parade every single day and twice on Sunday, but I think most of them would tell you they’d rather see that money spent taking care of those who have served, who have been neglected, and not, you know, for a president who is quite childish when he talks about using our military to have a parade just for his own purposes,” the California Democrat said on CNN.

Mr. Trump has requested a military parade, according to a Washington Post report, but some have said the cost of the parade is a major deterrent. The president was apparently inspired by the demonstrations during his visit to France for Bastille Day, but large-scale U.S. military parades are not typically held.