Ten teams advance to championship in first-ever Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s Civics Games

February 3, 2019

Nearly 100 students competed in regional contests Saturday for the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s Civics Games.

Teams of high school students from around the state vied in four regional contests, answering questions relating to civics, including questions about the state budget, local elections, legislative terms and quorum rules.

The top two teams from each of five regions will advance to the championship Civics Games Feb. 23 at the state Capitol. Each member of the winning team will get a $2,000 scholarship to a Wisconsin college or university.

Competitions took place at UW-Eau Claire, Barron County; UW-Green Bay; UW-Madison and UW-Platteville. Another regional contest was to be held at UW-Milwaukee, but only two teams remained in the competition, so both automatically advance to the state final.

In the Region 1 contest at UW-Eau Claire, Barron County, the winner was the Black River Falls High School team: Capt. Sam Lund, Caleb Laufenberg, Zoe Dal Cerro, Graham Rockouski and Madeline Diehn. The Medford Area Senior High team — Capt. Seth Mayrer, Brendan Borman, Emma Ellis, Carlos Herrada and Josh Fredrikson — placed second.

In the Region 2 competition at UW-Green Bay, the winner was the Northland Pines High School team: Capt. Annalise Callaghan, Thomas Priefer, Kristin Shaars and Tanner Kiesow. The Ashwaubenon High School team — Capt. Ashlee Vyskocil, Bennett Schuster, Emily DeLaurelle and Randell Johnson — took second.

In the Region 3 contest at UW-Madison, the winner was the Madison Memorial High School team: Capt. Cory Forbes and Alex Blue. The Waunakee High School team — Capt. Alyssa Beery, Thomas Pyle, Sam Kaufmann and Sam Korth — came in second.

In Region 4, where a competition at UW-Milwaukee was canceled when all but two teams withdrew, the Big Foot High School team — Capt. Abby Peterson, Tiffany Cruz, Nick Lang and Tonya Gurnica — and the Muskego High School team — Capt. Kevin LaGrow, Ryan Leifer, Isaac Ozolins and Colbey Kuchler — will go on to the state championship.

In the Region 5 contest at UW-Platteville, the winner was the Platteville High School team: Capt. Liam Rienicke, Alex Sonsalla, Spencer Olds and Jacob Sherer. The Cassville High School team — Capt. Melody Hampton, Ezra Okey, Kendra Rouse and Moria Kasper-Theisen — placed second.