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Older workers have good work ethic -- Marti Witt

December 17, 2018

I want to thank the author of the Dec. 8 letter to the editor ” Don’t ignore older job applicants.

I too have a college degree, plus I’ve taken classes to enhance my skills. Still, I still haven’t been able to land a job in years. Potential employers seem interested in my background and skills prior to an interview (that incidentally goes well), yet employers always seem to choose a younger individual.

Older people deserve more chances than they are given. We get to work on time, don’t linger on our phones checking social media all day. We can spell without using spellcheck. We know the value of doing a job well and, we’re raised to be polite, even if a client or supervisor disagrees with us. We also don’t go out to lunch -- only to never return. Believe me, I have worked with such people.

Employers seeking great people to fill jobs need to look past ageism and hire qualified and dedicated people who know the value of doing a job well and sticking to it.

Marti Witt, Madison

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