Rocky River resident pens a novel based on West Tech High School experiences

December 18, 2018

Rocky River resident pens a novel based on West Tech High School experiences

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- Rocky River resident Peter Jedick remembers his West Tech High School experiences vividly. So vividly, in fact, that he has written a mystery novel set at the school.

“The West Tech Terrorist” is a combination of his own school experiences and his father’s memories of the 1940s, running up to the U.S. involvement in World War II. Characters include what appear to be German spies that the protagonist, West Tech student Victor Blazek, takes on with his girlfriend to spoil a terrifying plot against the city of Cleveland.

The book is a good read for mystery lovers, as well as those who appreciate historical novels. But it’s even more interesting for Cleveland readers, even those who didn’t attend West Tech. The details of life in Cleveland have the reader nodding and smiling all the way through -- at least if one is old enough to have general knowledge of the city or has heard family stories about the area.

Jedick grew up in the West Park area near Cleveland Hopkins Airport. At West Tech High School, he was a chemistry major. He said many West Tech students were in vocational classes learning about foundry skills or airplane engine repair, while the college-bound students studied chemistry -- the closest the school got to a college preparatory curriculum. Jedick graduated from Kent State University in 1971.

“But West Tech was an interesting school,” he said, “where everyone came out with good job skills.”

He added, “The school was one of the largest in the country, with a peak enrollment in the 1940s of about 5,000.”

Jedick’s first novel (of four books to date) was “HIPPIES,” an account of campus life during the time of the Kent State shootings in May 1970.

He decided to write “The West Tech Terrorist” in the late 1990s. It is a good read and moves quickly. Jedick doesn’t make the mistake of some mystery novels that take too long to get into the thick of the plot.

A surprise character from real life near the end of the book is like the cherry on top of a chocolate fudge sundae for anyone who knows any of the history of Cleveland. The usage of the character wrapped up the story in a pleasant but skillful way.

When asked what Jedick wanted the reader to get out of the book, he said: “Be diligent about your surroundings and be patriotic. Guard our country against external forces. Keep your eyes open. You can’t expect the FBI to do everything for you.”

But don’t spoil the read for yourself by jumping to the end of the book. Trust me. You will miss all the fun.

“The West Tech Terrorist” is published by Christian Faith Publishing. Jedick’s website is www.westtechterrorist.com.

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