‘Cloak and Dagger’ set for Laughlin

April 18, 2019

LAUGHLIN — “Cloak and Dagger” is the next production of the River Cities Community Theater Players.

It will be the organization’s first production to be presented in Laughlin.

The stage play will be performed in Laughlin High School Auditorium on April 25 and 26 at 7 p.m. and April 27 and 28 at 2 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.rcctp.org or by calling 928-299-6057 or at the RCCTP box office at 1865 Lakeside Drive in Bullhead City.

“We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering theater arts in our community and producing quality products for the public entertainment,” said Pamela Steven, artistic director for RCCTP and director for “Cloak and Dagger.” “The Laughlin High School Auditorium is a beautiful and comfortable venue with theater seats and we are excited to be performing there. In the past, we have rented the SuddenLink Community Center and Fox Creek Junior High School as our venues for our productions. But we continue to search for a permanent home where we can practice and put on great productions for the people of the Tri-state area to enjoy.”

Steven stated that “Cloak and Dagger” is a spoof on “Casablanca” and features costumes of the 1940s, unique and intriguing characters and audience interaction.

“It’s 1942 at Nicks Café in a war zone located in North Africa,” Steven said, describing the setting and the plot. “A fortune teller warns Nick of the arrival of a murderous spy wearing a cloak and carrying a hidden dagger. Throughout the play, unusual suspects arrive, which has unexpected effects and provides non-stop laughter and fun for all.”

Chantelle Chanson, a tone-deaf singer, is played by Dana Voelkel.

“Chantelle Chanson thinks that she is a fabulous singer,” said Voelkel.

Nick, a cynical café owner, is played by Andy Hogan.

“Nick is a man who knows everyone and how to get everything done,” said Hogan.

Ziggy Bruner, the host/waiter at Nick’s Café, is played by Michael G. Wright.

“Ziggy serves a lot of limeades which is like lemonade but instead it’s made with lime,” said Wright.

Mirella, a fortuneteller, is played by Denise Atwater-Vallon.

“Mirella thinks that she knows the future,” said Atwater-Vallon.

Miss Lee, a suspicious businesswoman, is played by Helen May Lima.

“Miss Lee is rumored to be a spy and she is not a very likable young lady,” said Lima.

Lola Malone, Nick’s long-lost love, is played by Nancy Siemsen.

“Lola Malone doesn’t really know a whole lot for her it’s more important to know what she knows,” said Siemsen.

Reggie Beresford-Hyde, an aristocrat in search of love, is played by Brian Burns.

“Reggie Beresford-Hyde is a player and he will travel long distances for love,” said Burns.

Lady Henrietta Harrington, a member of parliament, is played by Doreen Hansen.

“Lady Henrietta Harrington is on a fact-finding mission for the king,” said Hansen.

Sissy Blaine, a cowgirl from Fort Worth, is played by Donna Duncan.

“Sissy Blaine’s daddy told her to go see the world but she is also looking for a rich man and she always travels with her dog,” said Duncan.

Dimitri Andropov, a fortune hunter, is played by Jeff Wilson.

“Dimitri Andropov likes to cook and he collects things, mostly coins,” said Wilson.

Natalia Romanoff, a mysterious Russian traveler, is played by Petra Stedman.

“We would like to thank our loyal patrons and we welcome new attendees as we continue to grow throughout the Tri-state area,” said Steven. “We are holding are first ever fundraiser for the RCCTP at 841 Hancock Road on Saturday, May 8, at 6:30 p.m. For more information people can visit our website: http://www.rcctp.org.”