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Suspended NASCAR Racer Arrested After Drugs, Explosives Found

May 11, 1996

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) _ A former NASCAR driver was arrested after police found a drug lab and plastic explosives in his East San Jose home.

Mark Sargent, 43, who has previously been convicted of selling methamphetamine, was arrested Thursday.

Sargent competed in NASCAR-sanctioned races in San Jose in the 1980s but was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR for reckless driving.

Officers found two pounds of C4 explosives hidden in bars of soap and military blasting caps, said spokesman Sgt. Bob Beams.

``Each of those soap-bar sized packages of C4 is capable of blowing up a car,″ Beams said. ``Two pounds of plastic explosives would certainly be enough to blow up a house.″

They also found equipment used to make methamphetamines.

As officers entered Sargent’s home, they fatally shot his dog because, Beams said, it was vicious.