There’s a move to discredit voting

June 18, 2018 GMT

Local talk radio is asking the question: “Do you think your vote matters?”

Good Lord, why are we even considering this question? Our founders gave us a Republic that was to be governed by law, which defines who can vote in the elections that select our representatives. The winner of those elections serves all the people. If your candidate fails to win, you must try harder in the next election to rally the votes for victory.

In 2000, however, the presidential race went down to the wire in Florida. There, hanging chads were inspected laboriously and the decision finally went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which determined George W. Bush was the winner over Al Gore.

Democrats were incensed and cried foul. They even claimed we had an illegitimate president, and the war of words persisted until 9/11. For a while, we seemed to unite as a country — until our military started to deploy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then liberal Democrats started in with “war for oil.” In spite of intelligence reports, no real weapons of mass destruction were found, and the mantra became “Bush lied, people died.” And how many other cute defamatory, slanderous sayings do you remember about W?

The 2004 race between John Kerry and George W. Bush brought another surprise to Democrats. Exit polls had Kerry the clear winner, but the vote count told a different story. “How could this be?” asked the media who polled the exits. Then the losing Democrats took up the mantra there must be voter fraud because exit polls don’t lie, especially when Kerry was the media’s favorite. But Kerry conceded and W continued in office — but not without vocal detractors.

In 2008, everything went well in our national elections and Barack Obama became our president. However, there was the debate over his birthplace and eligibility to serve as president. Opposition factions within the Republican Party openly created doubt among some as to the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship.

Then came 2016, and no one really suspected Hillary Clinton would go down in flames, certainly not as badly as she did. Donald Trump was an egotistical oaf, and the polls had him behind; he could never win. But he did.

And so, there started another campaign to destroy the duly elected candidate. Opposition research said he colluded with the Russians to win. His entire campaign colluded with the Russians and he obstructing justice by firing Ex-FBI Director James Comey.

“Impeach him,” cry Democrat members of Congress. “He must go,” says his opposition, and there is a daily reason aired in the press. Over-the-top words like Nazi and fascist are used.

Wake up, Americans! Partisan politics and mounted opposition movements are defeating confidence in our electoral system and certainly preventing all of us from getting behind our elected officials and getting about America’s business. There is no way Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entire Russian apparat could do as much damage to the American political process as we are doing to ourselves. When does this madness stop?

The power players are growing more disrespectful of the people’s vote in a seemingly never-ending attempt to discredit it and install their hand-picked officials through the legal system.

Tom Wright is a political commentator who lives in Santa Fe.