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/ Aaron Johnson

December 29, 2017

The best thing about a new year is getting an opportunity for a new start. Whether it’s through a change in lifestyle like a promise to hit the gym, or a new approach to life, the beginning of a brand-new year gives a chance for opportunities as far as the eye can see.

But, as the majority of people will be looking to change old habits in exchange for healthier, more productive alternatives, there is something to be said for maintaining the good habits that were formed this year.

Being consistent can be a difficult thing, in sports and in life, it takes a level of discipline and focus in order to achieve the full payout. The flip side, being complacent can create a string of laziness and a general feeling of apathy toward a given situation or life goal.

While there is no perfect science, and just like our favorite teams, we too fall into the trap of complacency from time to time, but the key is to not linger there. Forming a good habit before the year is out, or even maintaining a habit into the new year can create a strong rhythm that can lead to continued success.

It can be hard. Obviously, things aren’t always meant to go smoothly. But regardless, the payoff in the end is worth it. Entering into a new year with a plan to continue strong habits, while changing some poor ones, and also fighting the urge to fall into a state of complacency are all the makings of a stellar start to a successful, prosperous 2018.


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