Hyman touts Medicare for everyone

March 6, 2018 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – Mal Hyman, a Coker College professor who is running again for U.S. Congress, said he supports Medicare for everyone that is run by states and allows individuals to choose their doctors.

Hyman spoke Monday morning at a political science class at Francis Marion University.

Hyman said the plan is similar to the Canadian plan.

“They’ve had it for 45 years,” Hyman said. “There’s a reason. Canadian businessmen that are conservatives wouldn’t give up their health care system. Everyone’s covered. They live three years longer. [It] costs two-thirds as much money, lowers the national debt and you are free to choose whoever you want to have as your doctor.”

Hyman, a Democrat who received 39 percent of the vote and lost to incumbent Tom Rice in a 2016 bid for the U.S. Congress in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District , said U.S. businesses are at a disadvantage because they do not have this type of system. To be competitive globally, Hyman also said the United States needs to invest in early childhood education.

“A dollar invested in early childhood education yields about seven in return,” Hyman said. “If you’re in business and don’t make that investment, you shouldn’t be in business, and if you’re in government and don’t make that investment, you shouldn’t be in government. That’s a basic investment. You know you’re going to need more education to compete globally.”

Hyman said college should be more affordable.

“What they do in Europe is they have a small financial tax on large currency transactions when people are trading millions of dollars,” Hyman said. “You can have that small tax move toward funding a higher education, won’t be free, but we can lower the price.”

Hyman said higher education students should not pay interest on loans.

“There are things called public banks that are there like a credit union,” Hyman said. “Some states have them, many countries have them, and what they are is a bank that runs not for profit so that you can get a loan for a very low rate. That can be done. … There needs to be a commitment to it, because you need more education in order to safely support your family.”

Hyman says he supports “common sense for the common good.”

The 7th District covers the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions. The district is represented by Rice, a Republican who recently spoke at the same political science class at Francis Marion University.

David White, professor of the class, said he tries to provide a variety of viewpoints in his classes.