Carol and Kenneth Walker celebrate 32 years of marriage

May 28, 2018

Congratulations to Carol and Kenneth Walker who celebrated 32 years of marriage on May 2.

The Walkers, who both grew up in West Philadelphia, married in a civil ceremony in Arlington, Va., in 1986. They have fond memories of their reception in the Aux Beauchamps Room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Kenneth, affectionately known as Kenny, and Carol have been blessed with two daughters who are happily married and three grandchildren.

Kenneth and Carol retired in 2010 and 2012, respectively, following long-term careers with the Philadelphia Housing Authority. They remain in touch with many of their former colleagues.

I asked the Walkers how they have succeeded in maintaining such a loving marriage. They responded, “We credit the longevity of our relationship to Jesus Christ who keeps us both every day.” Both are members of the Church of Christian Compassion in Southwest Philadelphia, which is under the spiritual leadership of pastor W. Lonnie Herndon.

Kenneth attended Vine Memorial Baptist Church for more than 30 years where he served as a deacon. Carol said that “Kenny is known for being a kind gentleman with an especially captivating tenor voice. To know my husband is to love him.”

Carol is an active member of her church and community. She served as former president of the Cedar Park Neighbors, a community organization in University City, where they live.

Carol is a committeewoman in the 46th Ward, 2nd Division, under the leadership of Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell. Her love of politics and current events is well known by all of her family and friends.

Carol is very spiritual, as is Kenneth, and has a terrific sense of humor. “I love God, my husband and children and MSNBC. I also love cooking, gardening and traveling with Kenny,” she remarked.

They have traveled extensively and especially love the Caribbean. Aruba and Barbados are their favorites. Morocco and Spain were also among their favorite destinations.

Congratulations and very best wishes to Carol and Kenneth. May you enjoy many more years of health and happiness.