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Thanksgiving festivities are (sort of) timeless

November 22, 2018
Nation Set for Thanksgiving Festivities - Post-Bulletin clipping from 1958
Nation Set for Thanksgiving Festivities - Post-Bulletin clipping from 1958

Thanksgiving is typically a holiday of tradition, and not much has changed since 1958.

But the Post Bulletin published a story – found courtesy of the microfilm collection at the Rochester Public Library – which addressed many of the festivities that the nation was preparing to take part in.

Here are a few noteworthy (and slightly odd) snippets from that holiday article:

• “Thanksgiving, a day for taking stock and counting blessings, will be celebrated throughout the land Thursday with traditional feasting, parades and quiet prayer.”

• “The Macy parade in New York, now viewed by additional millions via television, again will feature gigantic balloons bobbing down Manhattan’s streets and avenues – in spite of a government ban on using helium.”

• “The Macy people and the Goodyear people, ho make the balloons, put their heads together and decided to inflate the balloons with air and suspend them from he, mobile cranes.”

• “A long Thanksgiving prayer to to much for hungry Donnie Hammett (left), 10, at a Greenville S.C. children’s club dinner and he eyes the turkey impatiently. Mary Ann McKinney =, 7, waits with more grace than the boy.

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