Mixed verdict over incendiary devices thrown at officers

October 4, 2019

EASTON, Pa. (AP) — A man accused of throwing incendiary devices at police officers during a standoff at an eastern Pennsylvania home has been acquitted of attempted murder charges.

But Jeffrey Folkner was convicted Thursday on several lesser charges, including four counts of aggravated assault. He could face several decades in prison when he’s sentenced in December.

The counts stem from a July 2018 standoff in Easton that began when police responded to a reported domestic dispute.

Authorities have said Folkner lobbed gas-filled beer bottles stuffed with flaming rags that ignited a nearby store and scorched a patrol car. They also alleged that he fired a shotgun and walked toward officers armed with a machete before he was disarmed.

Folkner had insisted he was suicidal and didn’t intended to harm anyone but himself.