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Jason Mars Discusses Topics That Aren’t Taught in University

July 10, 2020 GMT

Professor of Computer Science, Jason Mars, Explores Important Aspects Everyone Should Learn

Ann Arbor, MI - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 10, 2020 - There have been debates about what isn’t being taught in school and whether it is dangerous to students entering the real world. Although universities teach more than high school, there are still important topics that are missed. Jason Mars, a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan, works to cover a few topics.

Jason Mars explains that health is the number one factor for a good life. He backs this up by identifying how COVID has been killing the unhealthy. He also identifies that it is “freakishly Darwinistic.” He points to the data by saying that those with bad metabolic health have a strong likelihood of ending up in the hospital when exposed to the coronavirus.


Dr. Jason Mars also challenges students to make sure that they are in good health. He explains that everyone is in control of their health profile. He recommends cutting carbs and going paleo. His two rules for maintaining good health is to eat whole foods with no grain with a fatty-meaty emphasis as well as eating occasional fruits and low-starch vegetables.

The second lesson that Jason Mars focuses on is that it’s important to earn everything. He is quick to point out that there are no entitlements in this world. He challenges all of the students to, “think to yourself. If you feel you deserve something, it can be taken away, or not given, you empower the giver.” The professor believes that by earning everything, it is possible to build it oneself and be the best quantitatively using metrics. Additionally, it allows people to fight for everything because they will not achieve it otherwise.

While Jason Mars wants the best for students, he is also a realist. He understands that many students don’t learn these things, so he is determined to make sure that they learn them in one way or another.

His third lesson is the impermanence of everything. Dr. Mars reminds students that nothing stays the same forever, which is something that many throughout university struggle with because it is such a defining moment in time. Friendships will evolve. Desires and wants will change. Even who one thinks they are will change over time.


Jason Mars suggests that people who know that what they think will change, they will be better human beings. Whether it’s good or bad, it will go away. By believing this and understanding this, it will allow people to be more optimistic. Bad things will go away in time. Additionally, it’s best to enjoy the good while it’s available because it, too, will go away.

As both an entrepreneur and a professor, Jason Mars has had to embrace the fact that impermanence is a part of life. It has helped him significantly throughout his scientific research regarding artificial intelligence. It has also helped him to provide meaningful lessons in the classroom.

Although Jason Mars looks to teach his students beyond computer science, he also knows that they aren’t going to learn everything. By imparting at least some knowledge, he hopes that students become better human beings by understanding basics that aren’t taught in the classroom. If more people focus on their health, avoid taking on an entitled behavior, and embrace the impermanence of everything, it can lead to bleeding a better life.

Jason Mars

deals with quantitative components on a regular basis because of being involved in technology and science. By embracing quantitative elements throughout life, he has achieved a significant amount of success. Those who use metrics to guide them will often find that they are happier.