Both parties failed to fix health care -- Joseph Tripalin

July 20, 2017 GMT

I’m disgusted with Congress and health care.

Let me start with the Republicans. They had seven years to formulate a health care alternative to the Affordable Care Act that both House and Senate Republicans could agree on.

What did they do? Nothing.

They waited until President Donald Trump was elected, then they got into multiple battles over what the legislation should look like without a clue over how to come together with a viable proposal. In the end, they have nothing. It is pathetic.

Now for the Democrats. They had seven years to fix the terribly flawed Obamacare legislation and did nothing. Neither Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Black Earth, nor Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, did anything meaningful to improve Obamacare. It seems the Democrats were too worried they might sully the reputation of President Barack Obama if they tinkered with his signature piece of legislation. It is pathetic.

In the end, I wish we could vote out the entire Congress and start over with representatives who were willing to work for the good of the country and not spend time spinning their wheels worrying about getting re-elected and dumping on the other party. Our country is really in a mess right now.

Joseph Tripalin, McFarland