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Prince Charles’ Valet Denies Telling or Selling Secrets to Tabloids

January 21, 1995

LONDON (AP) _ Prince Charles’ valet has admitted taking clandestine photographs of his boss’ country home and passing them to a tabloid newspaper, an attorney said Friday.

But valet Ken Stronach denies saying Charles committed adultery in the bushes outside the mansion.

Regardless, Stronach looked set to lose his $19,000-a-year job taking care of the prince’s clothes and personal travel arrangements.

Stronach, one of the prince’s longest serving employees, was suspended after the photos and comments attributed to him were published Sunday in the News of the World.

The paper featured a full-page photograph of Charles’ bedside table. On it sat a framed picture of his close friend Camilla Parker Bowles. An interview attributed to Stronach said the valet had to wash grass stains from the prince’s pajamas after garden trysts with Mrs. Parker Bowles.

It also quoted him as saying the heir to the British throne turned off his bedroom security system to allow Mrs. Parker Bowles to slip in unannounced.

The prince’s attorney, Henry Boyd-Carpenter, issued a statement Friday saying Stronach ``did not recognize the statements attributed to him″ in the News of the World and ``categorically denied that the majority of the alleged incidents concerning the Prince of Wales ... ever took place.″

Stronach admitted meeting the tabloid’s editor responsible for royal coverage and giving them pictures, but denied receiving any money, Boyd-Carpenter said.

``Disciplinary procedures will follow shortly,″ Boyd-Carpenter said.

Stronach, 50, worked as Charles’ valet for 15 years. Meeting with a newspaper reporter violated the confidentiality oath he and other royal employees are required to sign.

Piers Morgan, editor of the News of the World, said Stronach approached his paper and met with editor Clive Goodman at a hotel on Nov. 22. Morgan said the only topics of conversation were Stronach’s employment with the prince and his plans to write a book about it.

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