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Bring Timlin To Justice

September 11, 2018 GMT

Editor: I am thankful the Scranton Diocese’s Independent Review Board will look into Bishop Emeritus James C. Timlin and that the University of Scranton has removed Timlin’s name from a building on campus. I grew up in Mountain Top and attended St. Jude’s Church, the youngest of a large Catholic family where our parents nickeled and dimed it for us all to receive a Catholic education. Pillars of the faith our parents were and only wanted to instill God’s grace and love to us in their abiding faith. Timlin confirmed me when I was in sixth grade at St. Jude’s Elementary School. Through this sacrament we are “sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.” We are also strengthened in our faith, wisdom, courage and right judgement. I acknowledge now that he did not confirm me. It is God, my family, the congregation and my peers. I knew about abuses in the church through the years. But to be struck again last week with the grand jury report and more knowledge about Timlin. I’m still shaken and disturbed about his cover-ups including his knowledge that a priest assaulted and impregnated a young woman and helped her obtain an abortion. I’m saddened to hear he never understood the ramifications of sexual abuse and rape and how it impacts others. I was not abused in the church but personally and professionally I know others dearly who have been. These criminals impacted my family among many families over the past 70 years. I know about the scars that exist from the crimes of sexual abuse. I believe what Timlin did was also criminal. He needs to be brought to justice. Lori Austin ATHENS, OHIO