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Letters To The Editor 4/11/2018

April 11, 2018

Lacks qualifications

Editor: I have no convictions for drunken driving and I have no vehicle or driver’s license.

I have no investigations pending into corruption of any kind against me. I have never worked in the Lackawanna County Prison. I have no connections to the district attorney.

How on earth am I supposed to qualify for a county job?




Double standard

Editor: I disagree with some points that Joe Czarnecki made in his March 11 Sunday Times letter (“Why any support?”)

Adele Fletcher’s March 10 letter (“Obama no-show”) is a good observation of how former President Obama considered and treated evangelist Billy Graham’s funeral. It certainly speaks volumes for Obama’s action and it was a disrespectful way to treat the Graham family.

The point is that Obama wasn’t ethical about his actions regarding the funeral. Was Obama and his administration ever ethical and held accountable for all the scandals it created and endured during eight years they in power?

Until special counsel Robert Mueller finally completes his Russia investigation into the Trump administration and makes his conclusions in a public report to the citizens of this country, it would probably be better if citizens would wait until that conclusion instead of listening to reports we hear on TV and read in newspapers.

In the meantime, a second special counsel should be appointed to investigate and reinvestigate scandals that happened under the Obama administration and indict, prosecute, convict and send all of the people that committed corruption, fraud and wrongdoing to prison for their actions.

Having a double standard of justice as we obviously do in this country isn’t fair and right to the law-abiding citizens of this country. Every citizen in this country should be treated equally and fairly regardless of nationality, race and religious beliefs.




Electric City dark

Editor: I read about the Scranton School District raising taxes again. This is just wrong.

Many Scranton residents are poor and don’t even have kids in school. What happened to that proposal of the homestead rule exemption that voters approved in 2017 to mandate property tax relief?

The city has had different mayors and different councils, but taxpayers see the same old story. Officials are always putting the bite on the taxpayers. There’s never another way and they don’t even look for it. People are sick of it.

Why are the taxpayers responsible because elected officials can’t run a city or school district properly?

A few years back, taxpayers paid the bill for a new Scranton High School. We pay the tax and what do we get for it? The factories are gone and there are no jobs. There is high unemployment. The roads are full of potholes. Tax money is spent on stupid stuff, like a treehouse at Nay Aug Park. I have a postage stamp-sized yard and a house that is more than 100 years old and is falling apart.

You don’t even feel safe in the neighborhood anymore because of crime and drugs and transient people passing through. This is why people leave Scranton. Why stay and get taxed to death?

We are tired of a city that is always distressed, depressed and always in debt. Nobody knows how to handle money. The lights have been off in the Electric City for years.