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Nevada Presidential Voting, 1864-2016

November 9, 2016

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Donald Trump’s victory Tuesday night marked only the second time the president-elect has failed to carry Nevada in the 26 presidential elections since 1908 when Republican William Taft defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan but lost his bid for the White House. In 1976, Nevada sided with Republican Gerald Ford when Democrat Jimmy Carter was elected president.

Democrat Hillary Clinton beat Trump in Nevada before she conceded the national race — the first time since the 1940s that the Democrats have carried the state in three consecutive elections. Ronald Reagan and George Bush turned the trick for the GOPs from 1980-88.

The results in Nevada since it became a state during the Civil War in October 1864:

2016 — Trump (R) def. Clinton (D), LOST Nevada

2012 — Obama (D) def. Romney (R), carried Nevada

2008 — Obama (D) def. McCain (R), carried Nevada

2004 — Bush (R) def. Kerry (D), carried Nevada

2000 — Bush (R) def. Gore (D), carried Nevada

1996 — Clinton (D) def. Dole (R), carried Nevada

1992 — Clinton (D) def. Bush (R), carried Nevada

1988 — Bush (R) def. Dukakis (D), carried Nevada

1984 — Reagan (R) def. Mondale (D), carried Nevada

1980 — Reagan (R) def. Carter (D), carried Nevada

1976 — Carter (D) def. Ford (R), LOST Nevada

1972 — Nixon (R) def. McGovern (D), carried Nevada

1968 — Nixon (R) def. Humphrey (D), carried Nevada

1964 — Johnson (D) def. Goldwater (R), carried Nevada

1960 — Kennedy (D) def. Nixon (R), carried Nevada

1956 — Eisenhower (R) def. Stevenson (D), carried Nevada

1952 — Eisenhower (R) def. Stevenson, (D), carried Nevada

1948 — Truman (D) def. Dewey (R), carried Nevada

1944 — Roosevelt (D) def. Dewey (R), carried Nevada

1940 — Roosevelt (D) def. Willkie (R), carried Nevada

1936 — Roosevelt (D) def. Landon (R), carried Nevada

1932 — Roosevelt (D) def. Hoover, carried Nevada

1928 — Hoover (R) def. Smith (D), carried Nevada

1924 — Coolidge (R) def. Davis (D), carried Nevada

1920 — Harding (R) def. Cox (D), carried Nevada

1916 — Wilson (D) def. Hughes (R), carried Nevada

1912 — Wilson (D) def. Taft (R), carried Nevada

1908 — Taft (R) def. Bryan, (R), LOST Nevada

1904 — Roosevelt (R) def. Parker (D), carried Nevada

1900 — McKinley (R) def. Bryan (D), LOST Nevada

1896 — McKinley (R) def. Bryan (D), LOST Nevada

1892 — Cleveland (D) def. Harrison (R), LOST Nevada(asterisk)

1888 — Harrison (R) def. Cleveland, carried Nevada

1884 — Cleveland (D) def. Blaine (R), LOST Nevada

1880 — Garfield (R) def. Hancock (D), LOST Nevada

1876 — Hayes (R) def. Tilden (R), carried Nevada

1872 — Grant (R) def. Greeley (D), carried Nevada

1868 — Grant (R) def. Seymour (D), carried Nevada

1864 — Lincoln (R) def. McClellan, carried Nevada

(asterisk) — Nevada was carried in 1892 by James Weaver, the nominee of the People’s Party — also known as the Populist Party — and was endorsed by the Silver Party.

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