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Old City park is great for dogs. People, not so much.

August 1, 2018

By Staff

Dogs of Philadelphia! The park at Second and Market is the place to hang. There’s a huge uninterrupted lawn where we can scratch, sniff and do our business in a luxurious private setting, with the beautifully crafted, Georgian-style Christ Church as our backdrop. It’s true you must keep your handler on a leash, but you’re unlikely to be bothered by small humans grabbing at your just-groomed tail since we’ve thoroughly mined the grass with stink bombs. Anyway, the lawn’s faux, colonial-style fence and high brick walls keep most of them out. The two-legged types who do manage to find the hidden entrance usually keep to the edges, where they lap from bottles in brown paper bags. So, enjoy! Thanks to the National Park Service, this prime piece of Old City parkland belongs to the four-legged.

You should be aware, however, that forces are now conspiring to take our land from us. The Old City District, the business improvement group for the neighborhood, has hired a bunch of consultants to study ways to make our territory — which the Park Service calls Wilson Park — easier for humans to enter and use. Because the park is at the epicenter of Old City, near restaurants and shops, and next to the Market-Frankford train entrance, they think it should function more like a town square, rather than a cloistered club for canines.

Inga Saffron A blank wall at the corner of Second and Market Street makes it hard for people to see into the park at Christ Church. Finding the entrance is a challenge.

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