Cherokee County voters chose Donald Trump for President

November 9, 2016

Local voters overwhelmingly chose Donald J. Trump as their choice for President of the United States in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 General Election.

In the local race, Republican Trump won over Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton by a vote of 8,809 to 1,524. Independent Challenger Gary Johnson received 145 votes and Independent Challenger Jill Stein received 25 votes.

For United States Senator, Republican Incumbent Richard C. Shelby won over Democratic Challenger Ron Crumpton by a vote of 8,493-1,891.

In the United States Third Congressional District Race, Republican Incumbent Mike Rogers defeated Democratic Challenger Jesse Smith by a vote of 7,961 to 1,674.

For United States Fourth Congressional District Representative, Republican Incumbent Robert Aderholt, who ran unopposed, received 608 votes.

Republican Michael F. "Mike" Bowlin received 7,979 votes for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Place Number One. He ran unopposed.

Republican Kelli Wise received 7,940 votes for Association Justice of the Supreme Court Place @. She also ran unopposed.

Republican Tom Parker received 7.939 votes for Association Justice of the Supreme Court Place Three.

Republican Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh received 8,003 votes for Public Service Commission.

Parker and Cavanaugh ran unopposed as well.

As for the statewide amendments, votes were as follows:

-Amendment 1-Yes, 5,435, No, 2,015

-Amendment 2-Yes, 7,070, No, 1,672

-Amendment 3-Yes, 4,812, No, 2,605

-Amendment 4-Yes, 5,728, No, 2,078

-Amendment 5-Yes, 4,372, No, 2,736

-Amendment 6-Yes, 3,694, No, 2,980

-Amendment 7-Yes, 1,899, No, 1,928

-Amendment 8-Yes, 5,331, No, 2,144

-Amendment 9-Yes, 3,014, No, 2,490

-Amendment 10-Yes, 3,779, No, 1,856

-Amendment 11-Yes, 3,920, No, 2,789

-Amendment 12-Yes, 2,393, No, 3,388

-Amendment 13-Yes, 3,921, No, 3,197

-Amendment 14, Yes, 5,519, No, 2,298