President Donald Trump says he’s not a feminist; SheInTheCLE.com invites you to talk about it

January 28, 2018 GMT

President Donald Trump says he’s not a feminist; SheInTheCLE.com invites you to talk about it

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Amy Martin, founder of Cleveland blogger collective SheInThe CLE.com, only allows herself to sleep in one day of the week, Sunday. But this Sunday, she was woken up to phone calls and texts saying things like, “Is this a joke?”

Confused, Martin hopped on Twitter and learned what these messages were referring to. On Saturday night, news broke that President Donald Trump, in an interview with British news host Piers Morgan, said he’s not a feminist.

BREAKING NEWS:President Trump has declared he is NOT a feminist. He tells me: ‘No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I mean, I think that would be, maybe, going too far. I’m for women, I’m for men, I’m for everyone.’ Full interview, Sunday, ITV, 10pm. pic.twitter.com/GCviovNb6o— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 27, 2018

Trump’s polarizing comments were quickly picked up by media outlets, drawing thousands of reactions and stirring conversation.

“Look up the definition,” Martin said. “Being a feminist does not mean women are better or that we hate men. Being a feminist just means believing women are equal to men.”

Martin started She In The CLE about two years ago as a way to “amplify the voices of women in our community,” she said. The site publishes blog posts five days per week, with fluctuating readership depending on the topic. All that matters, Martin said, is “giving women a platform.”

After collecting her thoughts on Trump’s comments, Martin met with her business partner, Shibani Faehnle, Sunday morning. They decided writing a long, political She In The CLE blog post wouldn’t be the right move, but extending the conversation onto the blog’s social media platforms could work.

“We decided to take a more positive approach. Keep it hopeful,” Martin said in a phone interview.

Martin and Faehnle kicked off the She In The CLE social media response with a Twitter photo. The two of them held up a sign that reads, “I am a #Feminist.” Martin encourages anyone who feels the same way to post a photo or video with the same message and tag @SheInTheCLE.

Are you a feminist? Upload a photo or video & tag us! Tell us what it means to be one to you! #BeHeard pic.twitter.com/NRQx1m5GGc— She In The Cle (@SheInTheCle) January 28, 2018

#IAmAFeminist because everyone has the right to choose their own path & equal opportunity to pursue it. pic.twitter.com/ClmCSoxCp1— Katelyn Stiver (@katelynstiver) January 28, 2018

Martin said she’s not necessarily concerned about the reach of She In The CLE’s social media push.

“If five people post, that’s great. If 100 people post, fantastic. It’s all about extending the conversation as long as the story lives,” she said.

Martin is adamant the She In The CLE website and its social media channels have no political affiliation.

“We try to stay neutral because we’re a publishing platform,” Martin said. “But our stance has always been, ‘Write in and we’ll publish it.’ We publish anything – political, controversial – it all depends on the authors.”

As long as a post isn’t hateful, it will go up, she said.

But even if a post isn’t hateful, hate inevitably comes in the form of trolling social media comments. With this social media push, as with all other She In The CLE posts, Martin said she will not take down nasty comments.

“As women, we’re kind of used to trolls,” Martin said with a laugh. “We can digest it. But I want readers to see how some people get that electronic courage. I think it deserves more of a spotlight.

“I want the conversations we’re having to reflect what’s going on in society. I don’t want to mask that.”

Beyond generating and perpetuating conversation around Trump’s feminism comments, Martin hopes this social push will “subtly” help people to understand the definition of feminism.