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Lake North slows down

June 10, 2018 GMT

Oh, it had to happen, but it was great while it lasted. Crappie and walleye slowed down at Lake North, so there’s other places for fish to be fried. For all boaters Calamus Resevoir is hot right now. Walleye, white bass, crappie and wipers are hitting. Spoons crawler harness and plugs (salmo and flicker shads) are needed for your tackle box. For catch of the week, Ron Zoucha handed a 28-pound eight once channel cat at west Pawnee Park. He put the fish back and his bait was own recipe cherry chicken -- yum yum.

June 11 is when deer hunters can apply for permits. Applications are in -- make sure you read the guide, some changes are in, less permits in some areas. Enjoy it, this will be my second year of not hunting -- sure miss it.