Help make America not grate again

November 8, 2016 GMT

“All good things must come to an end.”

That warning rings as true today as when Geoffrey Chaucer wrote it roughly 630 years ago in “Troilus and Criseyde.”

Also ominously enduring: Some bad things don’t come to an end.

So lest you assume this Election Day will drop a final curtain on the grotesque spectacle that is the 2016 presidential election year, remember, it started way back in the middle of 2015.

Remember, too, that the winner, and those who voted for her (or him?), are bound to rub in the result in a grating manner.

Count also on the loser, and those who voted for him (or her?), staying sore about the defeat for months, maybe years.

If the margin is close, count on the losers crying “Rigged!”

If the margin’s substantial, count on the losers holding a long-term grudge, anyway — and not just against “Crooked Hillary” or “Dangerous Donald” for winning, but against those who voted one of those lowdown frauds into our nation’s highest elective office.

Some cranky readers have even dared to disparage — in hurtful terms — our editorial board for its well-informed, insightful endorsement published in Sunday’s paper of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

Hey, back off, lighten up and chill out.

Accentuate positive

Despite relentless propaganda to the contrary, this election’s outcome won’t spell doom for our ever-resilient democratic republic.

Don’t overreact, either, if you wind up on the short side of the Charleston County half-cent referendum vote.

Don’t forget that we get the leadership, and the referendum answers, that we deserve with the collective votes we cast.

Back on the national front, don’t forget that our presidents work for us (not the other way around), that we can fire them after their first four years and that there’s an eight-year limit on their White House tenures.

If only there were some limit on overwrought political overkill in the relentless 24-hour news cycle.

Do, however, give our next president a chance to prove so many of us wrong about her — or him.

Still, why does it now take so long to pick a president in what has become depressing, divisive, national trial by ordeal?

Why does it now take so long for us to start and finish local trials of a cop accused of murder in North Charleston and a punk accused of mass murder in a Charleston church?

Yet rather than wallowing in those protracted plights, keep in mind that while all good things must come to an end, plenty of good things are still going on. For instance:

The Citadel and Clemson are both 9-0 in football, and the South Carolina Gamecocks, after winning only three games last season, have won three in a row to rise to 5-4.

Plus, the Dallas Cowboys have won seven straight. If “America’s Team” (the Cowboys) can thrive via such great teamwork on the field, why can’t we Americans do the same in resolving our differences in the political arena for the common good?

Another reason to stop whining about the election:

Many of us are blessed with good health, good families and good friends.

Just win, baby

So as the electorate makes the tough call of picking a new president today, don’t be too harsh on those, including family members or friends, who don’t choose the same candidate as you.

Meanwhile, if watching election results on TV is too nerve-wracking for you, change channels to the USA Network for the World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Smackdown” from 8 to 10 in Glasgow, Scotland. You’ll get an update on the quest of Dean Ambrose, aka “Lunatic Fringe,” to regain his world title from A.J. Styles.

And if, like me, you think Hillary’s going to win, think about what happened at WrestleMania 23 on April 1, 2007, before more than 80,000 spectators at Detroit’s Ford Field and a huge TV pay-per-view audience:

Most experts predicted “The Donald” would lose that night, too, in a “Hair vs. Hair Match” against WWE owner Vince McMahon.

But Trump’s surrogate, Bobby Lashley, upset McMahon’s stand-in, Umaga, with the help of special referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. That triumph gave Trump the privilege of shaving McMahon’s head.

Then again, some folks think rasslin’ is “rigged.”