New Book, Kick Some Glass, Helps Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms

October 15, 2018 GMT

The Rule Smashing Guide for Motivated Women Who Want to Stop Following Someone Else’s Rules and Take Charge of Their Own Success

GREENSBORO, N.C., Oct. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kick Some Glass: Ten Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms is for women who are ready to step up, step out and lead a life that fully embraces their authentic self. Whether stuck in middle management, stalled in mid-career or mulling over a major career change, sometimes the proverbial glass ceiling feels very real indeed—a barrier keeping women from fulfilling their potential.

Authored by Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) senior vice president Jennifer Martineau and Ingersoll Rand vice president and global leader of strategic marketing Portia Mount, Kick Some Glass offers tools and insights for women to discover and implement their unique work-life intentions.

“From the wage gap to gender stereotypes to inconsistent parental leave policies, women face myriad external career challenges, particularly women of color and women from poor communities. On top of external pressures, internal anxieties like imposter syndrome and other competing priorities further weigh on working women. Nevertheless, women are raising their hands to lead in their communities and organizations,” said Martineau.


One key to success, the authors say, is introspection. Each chapter helps women evaluate specific parts of their work life, home life, personal strengths and weaknesses, past history, and present obstacles. The book also takes into account the intersections of race, class and personal history to help women realize the tools they need to achieve success on their own terms.

In May, the Fortune 500 list revealed that fewer than 5 percent of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. Research also indicates that companies often only appoint female CEOs when their organizations are already failing.

“We urgently need more women in leadership roles in our companies and our communities,” said Mount. “Kick Some Glass draws from decades of study, our personal stories, and insights from more than 40 women and men to help empower women with the tools to achieve their career aspirations. We hope it galvanizes women to step forward in their workplaces and encourages organizations to think differently about how we recruit, promote and retain women.”

“Time and again, CCL research has shown that organizations benefit from female talent in terms of higher job satisfaction, greater organizational dedication and lower rates of burnout,” said CCL President and CEO John R. Ryan. “This book validates the barriers women face on their leadership journeys and provides actionable ways to overcome them. It also challenges us all to reflect on how we can build stronger, more inclusive communities that support the leadership of women and girls.”


In Kick Some Glass, published by McGraw-Hill, Martineau and Mount also explore the importance of owning and using your personal power, how to decide if it’s time to reinvent your career and how women can “power down” instead of opting out of the workforce.

“As senior executives, we wrote the book we wish we had earlier in our careers. We spoke to a broad array of successful executives – men and women – and distilled their best advice,” said Mount, “And unlike other career advice for women, this book isn’t trying to ‘fix’ women,” added Martineau. “We combine this advice with ground-breaking research on women and leadership to develop strategies that will work for any woman who is motivated to get the most out of her career.”

For more information, visit or join the authors for a Kick Some Glass webinar on October 18.

Kick Some Glass: 10 Ways Women Succeed at Work is available at Amazon, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and other major outlets.

About the Authors

Jennifer W. Martineau is senior vice president of research, evaluation and societal advancement at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). She is also a speaker, author, mother and passionate advocate for women’s leadership. She holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from The Pennsylvania State University.

Portia R. Mount is vice president and global leader of strategic marketing at Ingersoll Rand. She is a former senior vice president of global marketing and chief of staff at CCL, where she served for over a decade. A sought-after executive coach, she speaks and writes on career and lifestyle issues for working mothers. She holds an M.A. in cultural anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from Wake Forest University School of Business.

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