Freezing temperatures affect DeKalb waste collection; recycling will not be recycled

February 1, 2019 GMT

DeKALB – Residents’ waste and recycling collection might be delayed two days because of the weather, according to a news release from the city of DeKalb.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems was operating Thursday, but the company experienced mechanical issues on top of problems with garbage and recycling materials being frozen. Collection was canceled Wednesday, and because of those issues, some residents’ collection could be delayed two days.

Lakeshore will consolidate waste and recycling routes Friday and Saturday because of the low temperatures. Thus, any recycling placed out for collection those days will be dumped into a garbage truck. If residents prefer otherwise, they should wait until next week to put out their recycling.

The city is offering these tips and warnings to residents:

• Leave containers and materials out until they are emptied.

• Collection of frozen items could be delayed until they thaw.

• Make sure containers and carts are not frozen in the snow and immovable.

• Large or bulk items frozen to the ground or in the snow will not be collected until the new collection cycle begins Monday.