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Thieves steal wheels, break into several Stamford cars

July 26, 2018 GMT

STAMFORD - Police are investigating the theft of wheels and tires off one vehicle and the break-ins of seven others at a new residential complex on Glenbrook Road early Thursday morning.

Police also turned up another vehicle parked at an office building on Summer Street that had two of its tires stolen and replaced with milk crates that may be related.

Sgt. Carl Strate said the seven vehicles were entered and four tires were taken off a Honda Accord at Glenview House at 25 Glenbrook Road early Thursday morning.

Strate said that it was not yet known what was taken out of the cars because an evidence team was going through the cars in hopes of finding fingerprints or other evidence that may point them to the perpetrators.

Strate said the Honda Accord at Glenview House had its four tires removed and replaced with milk crates, just like the second Honda Accord found at 2009 Summer Street with two wheels and tires missing.

The fact that the methods of the thieves appear similar, led him to believe the thefts are probably related, he said.

Police are also looking at surveillance video in hopes of identifying the thieves.