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Former La Paz County Sheriff drives off in wrong truck

December 19, 2018 GMT

A former La Paz County Sheriff caused a minor stir the afternoon of Dec. 12 when he drove away from a Parker business in the wrong vehicle.

Hal Collett, who was La Paz County Sheriff from 2001 to 2009, was leaving Spanky’s RV & Marine at 400 Riverside Drive when he inadvertently got into a truck that wasn’t his. Parker Police Lt. Mike Bailey said the Ford pick-up truck Collett entered was very similar in appearance to the Ford truck he was driving, right down to being silver in color.

Bailey said the truck was unlocked and had the keys inside, which is how Collett had left his truck.

Soon after Collett drove away, the truck’s owner came out of the store and saw his truck was missing. He went back into the store to report his truck had been stolen. The staff called 911 and began reviewing the security video. Police officers responded to the scene.

It was about 15 minutes after he left that Collett returned to Spanky’s with the truck and admitted his mistake. There were two police cars following him back to the store.

The truck was turned over to its rightful owner. No arrests were made in this incident.

Prior to being elected Sheriff, Collett was a law enforcement officer in La Paz County for many years. He resigned from the Parker Town Council earlier this year after he moved from the Parker area.