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‘The Walking Dead’ offers clues about Rick Grimes’ potential death

October 18, 2018 GMT

‘The Walking Dead’ offers clues about Rick Grimes’ potential death

CLEVELAND, Ohio – For months, fans have been speculating on how “The Walking Dead” will handle Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the series. Now, we have our first tangible clues.

AMC has released the synopsis for Rick Grimes’ final episode, which will be the fifth episode of Season 9:

“Rick is forced to face the past as he struggles to maintain the safety of the communities and protect the future he and Carl envisioned.”

This is an obvious nod to the return of John Bernthal as Rick’s former best friend turned enemy Shane. It’s likely Rick will see flashbacks of Shane or hallucinate him as he faces internal (and external) conflict.

AMC has yet to release the synopsis for Episode 6, which could confirm Rick’s fate. However, the episode descriptions for the remainder of this half season focus on the group making a “perilous track to a new home” and a “small rescue mission” that leads to a “surprising threat.”

Could the small rescue mission be for Rick? It wouldn’t surprise us if the show left Rick’s fate open, as the franchise would benefit from his potential return down the road.

The “new home” could refer to the commonwealth, which was teased when Georgie arrived during Season 8. This could also be how Maggie exits the show. She could remain at the Hilltop while the rest of the community moves on.

Lastly, the “surprising threat” seems to point towards the Whisperers. The popular group from the comic book will play the big villains during the second half of Season 9.

None of this fully confirms the outcome of Rick Grimes’ storyline. But it is worth pointing out Andrew Lincoln is set to direct an episode of Season 10. Some fans have already speculated that it’s a red herring and that Lincoln may actually make a cameo on the show.