Colorado River Medical Center installs 16 slice CT scanner

November 5, 2017 GMT

NEEDLES — Computed tomography scanning (CT or ‘cat’ scan) has advanced in a big way at Colorado River Medical Center with the installation of a 16 slice General Electric CT scanner; doubling the imaging power the hospital is able to offer.

When Community Healthcare Partners Inc. took over operation of the local hospital at 1401 Bailey Ave. in Needles about five years ago the facility had a single slice CT scanner, Steve Lopez, chief executive officer, remembered. It was replaced with an eight slice unit which was located in a ‘mobile’ adjacent the hospital building.

Resembling a giant donut through which a patient passes, CT scanners provide images from around the body which are combined for a cross-section representation.

The new scanner is digital, Lopez reported, and is used for both emergency and elective scans. The latter are done Mondays through Fridays and images can be supplied on compact discs to share with physicians outside the hospital if a patient so desires.

The installation represents about a million dollar investment for the local facility. Lopez explained that, “The cost of installing a CT in a hospital in California is quite an undertaking as we have to ensure regulatory compliance with OSHPD (the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development). We now own the equipment and the room is paid for.”

CT scans are safe, Lopez continued. “We comply with the latest regulations regarding dose checking to limit the patient’s radiation exposure.”

Other imaging services the hospital offers include X-ray and ultrasound. MRIs are scheduled once a month, Lopez said, as there are few orders for it. Colonoscopies are performed in the operating room by a surgeon. The hospital no longer offers mammographies.

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