Misunderstanding Electoral College

May 6, 2018 GMT

Danbury state Rep. Bob Godfrey stated in The News-Times April 27 (“Popular Vote compact narrowly wins House nod”) that “The people of the United States of America should elect directly the president of the United States of America. The whole point of this is to remove state influence and return power of the people.”

It is for the very reason to “remove state influence” and “return power of the people” that the Electoral College and the splitting of the electoral votes was created: to prevent the most populous states/communities to have undue influence on who wins the presidency. Each state is given a fairer representation of their votes by splitting the electoral votes and not throwing away the non-winner’s vote. All votes must count.

We should not abandon the approach to the Electoral College because a candidate who wins the popular vote is not elected US President. Connecticut’s 3.6 million people (1 percent) will defer presidential elections to California (39.7 million, 12.13 percent), Texas (28.7 million, 8.75 percent), Florida (21.3 million, 6.5 percent), New York (19.8 million, 6.06 percent) and Pennsylvania (12.8 million, 3.91 percent).

It is totally foolhardy to let these five states that have approximately 37.4 percent of the US population to have even greater influence on electing all future presidents of the United States.

Dick Hajjar