Quilts Can’t Cover the Chaos in This Dream

January 19, 2019

Dear Dream Retriever: Here’s a dream I had this morning. I was in a train that derailed, and when all the people got out, I had a bag of cloth and ripped up pieces of the fabric and handed them out. Then we were in a building that had a chest, and in the chest were piles of quilts. I passed them out and said, “DON’T rip them up.” There were various groups of people, and the ones that stuck out were three snobby/posh women. I don’t remember others, just that there was a crowd milling about. -- Karen

Dear Karen: Interesting dream. What is going on in your life?

A derailed train would suggest chaos and that your plans are not going the way you thought. Passing out ripped pieces of fabric is an indication that there are flaws in your thought process concerning this situation. The chest is a representation of something you want to hold close to your heart. The blankets represent warmth and security. You are passing them out and need to make a point of telling people not to rip them. These blankets represent warmth, security and protection. You are passing them out and notice three snobby women. Three represents outward communication, and female energy is creative. You need to find a more creative way of making your point.

The dream says some situation is not going the way you planned. Your thought process on this matter is flawed and you do not see it clearly. The chest, because it is filled with blankets, says you hold honesty, security and protection dear. You need to be reminded that what you are giving out is what you are going to get back, and that the way you are conveying this to someone is not how he or she is receiving the information. This person may think you are being a bit snobby or putting yourself above them.

That being said, you are being told that your quest for warmth, security and protection are not being fulfilled due to your lack of trust in the people you want it from. You need to remind those you trust to be loyal in return. You need to do this in a way that does not intimidate them or make them feel less than you.

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