Jimmy Kimmel endorses Republican friend, Jimmy Vega, for North Las Vegas constable

October 31, 2018

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel appeared in a campaign video Monday endorsing Republican candidate and longtime friend Jimmy Vega for North Las Vegas Constable.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host said he’s known Mr. Vega since they were 12 years old. They both graduated from Clark High School, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

“Never did I imagine that I would be doing this and that you would potentially be doing this,” Mr. Kimmel, an outspoken liberal and critic of President Trump, says in the video. “I did want to say that I’m proud of you for doing this.”

Mr. Vega served in the Navy for more than 25 years and now serves as a deputy constable, similar to a peace officer, for North Las Vegas. He told Mr. Kimmel that running for constable against Democratic incumbent Robert Eliason has become “an integrity issue” for him.

“Not everybody is meant to be a cop, not everybody is meant to be a firefighter, not everybody is meant to be in the military,” Mr. Vega said. “You have to go through your prospective boot camps or academies to earn it, and that’s how I feel. I feel you just have to earn everything in life.

“It’s not about what party affiliation you’re with it’s just doing the right thing and helping the people, and that’s what I plan to do,” he added. “This race shouldn’t be a partisan race anyway. We’re law enforcement, we don’t create law, we just enforce law.”

Mr. Vega said his main order of business if he is elected is to expand the department.

“There’s a lot of things that the current constable is not doing that I intend to do,” he said of Constable Eliason, who has served since 2015 and is seeking re-election.