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Local art students honor firefighters with community art

March 4, 2018 GMT

Local children met with and thanked local firefighters on Feb. 26 as part of a community art event hosted by the Young Rembrandts, an art education franchise that offers a curriculum focused on teaching children ages 3 1/2 to 12 years old to draw using demonstration and a structured step-by-step process.

Federico Pena and Cecilia Pena, co-owners of Young Rembrandts serving the North Houston area, opened their Young Rembrandts franchise and began teaching art classes two years ago.

“At the time we were looking for our next step in our life. We decided to bring to the community something that was missing,” Federico Pena said.

Opening a Young Rembrandts franchise has helped the couple give back to the community by nurturing an appreciation for art in young minds.

“Art teaches them to observe all the details around them. Teaches them the colors in and the beauty in the community around them,” Cecilia Pena said.

The Young Rembrandts brand is celebrating 30 years of art enrichment and childhood development in communities nationwide this year.

Federico Pena said it’s a big milestone.

“There’s a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge behind these art classes,” he added.

Students in the Young Rembrandts programs decided to honor service members for committing their lives to keeping communities safe so children can learn transformative art education.

“Our commitment to North Houston is embedded in our dedication to its institutions and values, and we wouldn’t be able to provide the art classes we do without the security offered by local heroes every day,” Federico Pena said. “We want our students to know the true heroes in our community.”

On Feb. 26, children in the community were invited to a free art class at The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park.

Cecilia Pena said they drew Dalmatian dogs in firefighter gear to “show their appreciation for (the firefighters’) work in the area.”

The class was followed by a meet and greet with members of The Woodlands Township Fire Department.

Firefighter Roald Hoppel displayed and explained the uses for various items carried on a fire engine, including hatchets, water hoses, the jaws of life and a thermal indicator camera.

Hoppel also informed the children that every fire truck in The Woodlands has at least one paramedic on board and that 80 to 90 percent of calls firefighters respond to are for emergency medical treatment.

Cecilia Pena explained that the event was about more than children learning about firefighters. It taught the children that everyone has a role in the community.

“Firefighters are only a little part of it. There are many others that also require our appreciation,” Cecilia Pena said. “Showing the kids that doing the job that you are supposed to do gives them the opportunity to realize that it’s very important that everyone is doing the right thing at the right time to make the community function. Firefighters are a big part of that.”

For more information about Young Rembrandts, contact Federico and Cecilia Pena at 855-228-5595 or northhouston@youngrembrandts.com or visit the website at www.youngrembrandts.com/NorthHouston.