Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump is ‘taunting’ Democrats to impeach him

May 7, 2019 GMT

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that President Trump is trying to “goad” Democrats to impeach him for political purposes but she said he’s also making a pretty good case for why he should be impeached.

“Every single day he’s just like taunting, taunting, taunting. Because he knows that it will be very divisive for the country, but he doesn’t really care,” she said Tuesday at Cornell’s Institute of Politics and Global Affairs.

Yet the California Democrat also said that by thwarting House committee’s expansive subpoenas and investigative demands, Mr. Trump is making a case for why he should be impeached.


Mrs. Pelosi avoided lending her own backing to impeachment, saying Republicans would never get behind it. But she did compare Mr. Trump to former President Richard M. Nixon’s near-impeachment. Nixon resigned before the House could vote to impeach him, but lawmakers had drawn up articles of impeachment that, in part, cited the president’s refusal to cooperate with subpoenas.