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Toll roads are wrong solution -- Lucile A. Gibson

March 10, 2019

I don’t understand why Republicans -- who at one time claimed to be fiscally conservative -- would rather fund roads and bridges with toll roads than with a gas-tax increase.

Adding toll roads could mean we have to stop every 10 or 20 miles and throw money into a funnel. That’s a waste of drivers’ time and gas, while the cost to build, run and maintain those toll stations would be completely unnecessary if we just raised the gas tax.

I want good roads to drive on, and understand they have to be paid for. But I don’t want the inconvenience and expense of toll roads.

Is it possible Republicans want toll roads so they can then sell our public roads to private corporations, so the corporations can make money off us? I guess, given what the Republican Party has become, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Lucile A. Gibson, Madison