January 18, 2018 GMT

February 2017. Beyonce was expecting her twins. She performed at the Grammys in gold, royal crown and neck collar in place.

Look closely at the body-hugging dress and you’ll see an embroidered portrait of Queen Bey herself smack in the center, above the navel.

Peter Dundas designed the gown and others she wore that night. They were his first under his own name after working for the Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci brands.

Dundas told Vogue the dress took one week to embroider with 50 people working on it. Gustav Klimt was an influence, along with Art Deco motifs inspired by Erte. He said the lyrics from Beyonce’s “Love Drought” also came into play in the story-driven design. Sun rays symbolized the African goddess Oshun. Dundas added two cherubs on the hips dressed in ivy.

Bey won a Grammy for “Lemonade” that night and extolled the virtues of black beauty in her speech.