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BC-Entries Los Alamitos

May 22, 2019

1st_$9,500, cl $2,500-$2,500, 3YO up, 4½f.<

Mister Fancy Bean;123;Nevada Wild Cat;123
Autismonefortyfive;123;Wyoming Chief;123
Fandarel Dancer;123;Summer Buddha;123
Shadow of War;123

2nd_$9,500, , 3YO up, .<

Cali Rocks;119;Floss N Dab;117
Baja Warrior;122;Raw Diamond;124
Listen Linda;119;Brite Rivers;119
Ar Lucky Seven;124

3rd_$9,500, cl $2,500-$2,500, 3YO up F&M, 4f.<

Kasune;118;Cute Talker;118
Ron's Answer;120;Victoriously Jewel;120
Kamilche Gold;120;Irish and Lucky;120
Freaky Moniqee;118

4th_$12,000, alc, 3YO up (NW2 L), .<

G Money Rules;119;Bushwacker Dash;122
Many Moods;124;Cavalry;124
B S Cyclotron;124;She Be Fire N Ice;117

5th_$6,855, mdn cl $8,000-$8,000, 3YO up, .<

My Favorite Toby;122;Reign N Cash;124
Stels Thor;122;La Viuda Winner;119
B Lucky;122;Cuervo Foose;124

6th_$9,000, , 2YO F, 3f.<

Prima Cartel;124;Hold the Moon;124
My Diamond Foose;124;Kick It On Back;124
One Royal Moonlight;124;Foxys First Kiss;124
Almost Early;124;Forgot the Rose;124

7th_$9,000, , 2YO, 3f.<

Sacred Nation;124;Sass Go Blue;124
Bigger Than Big;124;Come Forth;124
El Angel Corona;124;Hit It Quit It Nr;124
Coronas N Cards;124;Circle City;124

8th_$9,875, cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO up, 3f.<

Jazzy Icon;124;Mr Captain America;124
My Friend Cindy;119;La Candidata;119
Ar Royal Blue;124;Tamura;122

Scratched_High Flier.

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