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No Nighttime Service For LCTA?

June 20, 2018

Editor: I live in Luzerne County and use the transit system six days a week. Lately the Luzerne County Transportation Authority has had public question and answers (not many) and they have had people in the terminal handing out surveys. I was unable to attend or fill out a survey, so I will voice my opinion here. I have not seen any nighttime service startup. This was suppose to justify the price increase. I knew it would be a problem. Even if the bus to the industrial park gets extended, how do riders get home from the terminal after their work shift is over? The drivers knew this. Instead of asking the public, talk to the people who are on the front lines. The drivers. Most of the drivers go out of their way to help their passengers and they talk to them so they know what will and won’t work. I wonder if upper management has ever driven a bus? These buses are also in constant repair. Buses from 2004 are unacceptable for the safety of the public. So, I ask the management of LCTA, if you can’t supply nighttime hours, spend the extra money (that we pay) on new buses or the drivers. After all, we put our lives in their hands every time we get on their bus. I have noticed that happy drivers (I have seen them make kids happy) make the passengers happy and are we not the ones that really count? Ronald Petchkis WILKES-BARRE