What is the quality of your indoor air?

December 3, 2017 GMT

Living in Utah or Salt Lake counties in the winter can wreak havoc on your lungs, especially during one of our awful inversions. If you have asthma or weak lungs, this can be even more damaging to your health. Often times we think if we stay indoors, we won’t be affected. However, this is incorrect.

Did you know the quality of air inside your home and buildings can be just as damaging if not more so than being outside? Many customers call us asking, “How do I know if my air quality is poor in my home and how do I improve it?”. We tell them the best way to find out is to first ask yourself and the people living in your home if any of you chronically suffer from the following symptoms:

Increased asthma symptomsIncreased allergy symptomsRunny noseSneezingCoughingTightness in the chest

If the answer is yes, most likely your air quality is responsible for all or most of the symptoms. We want your family to experience the best when it comes to clean air in your home.

Here are the steps we recommend you take next to improve poor indoor air quality:

1. We recommend scheduling one of our expert technicians to come analyze your air ducts, filters, and overall HVAC system, possibly performing an air duct cleaning.

2. Consider purchasing an air scrubber system. These systems are designed to scrub out the harmful toxins in the air, as well as sanitize the germs in your home, keeping you and your family healthy.

3. Adding a whole home humidifier to your home can also help in alleviating poor air quality symptoms by keeping humidity levels even and moisturizing the air your lungs breath.

Often times, people don’t realize how much they have been suffering from the effects of poor indoor air quality until something is done to fix the problem. Changing out the filters on your units regularly can help, but your air ducts build up bacteria, germs, dirt and mold and need to be cleaned regularly. Proper HVAC maintenance is key to maintaining good air quality.

A good idea is to become a Maintenance Club member, because you receive special discounts on services and products, plus WE CALL YOU to schedule your regular maintenance check-ups. We take special care of our Monument Club members and give them priority service.

Whatever your heating or cooling problem is, you can count on Western Heating & Air Conditioning day or night to find the right solution for you.

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