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Letter: SEBAC a bad deal

August 5, 2017 GMT

SEBAC a bad dealWhile I applaud some of the changes in the SEBAC agreement to help save dollars, why a “no layoff pledge?”Senator Duff and his colleagues were more interested in appeasing the unions. If not, why only for new employees?Please let the taxpayers know about the Cadillac plan that employees get and also how much per employee this costs. Include an analysis of what you enjoy as a state senator.With this agreement and the extension for ten years you have tied the hands of future governors.To make matters worse, Senator Logan, who spoke against this rich giveaway was chastised by Senator Looney and Nancy Wyman who cast the deciding vote.Shame on all of you.How did this mess occur, senator? You and your colleagues just went along with our fiscally destructive ways.William NimonsAnsonia