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NOT REAL NEWS: Chelsea Clinton says abortion added $3.5 trillion to the economy

October 17, 2018 GMT

Chelsea Clinton did not say: “Pro-choice is pro-life. Abortion added $3.5 trillion to the economy,” despite what a story circulating online suggested

The report, which was published on a website mimicking a regional newspaper, was shared widely after the Senate voted Oct. 6 to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The fabricated quotes are based on comments Clinton made while speaking on a panel at “Rise Up for Roe” on Aug. 11 in New York City.

During the discussion, Clinton said, “American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added $3.5 trillion to our economy. The net, new entrance of women -- that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973.”


Clinton is accurate in accounting for the increase of women in the workplace from 1973. She did not say that the increase directly came from the fact that abortion became available to women in 1973.

Overall, there would be an increase in women in the workplace because of the extra options like abortion and contraception to prevent pregnancy, said Gretchen Ely, an associate professor in social work at the University at Buffalo.

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