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NOT REAL NEWS: Actress Amy Schumer not pictured tearing up doll in horror shoot

November 1, 2018

An image circulating online that shows Schumer splattered with blood and tearing a doll apart was doctored. The photo is paired with a quote falsely attributed to Schumer:  “Fetuses aren’t people and have no right, if you can’t get an abortion just get rid of it when is born.” 

Amanda Silverman, Schumer’s publicist, told The Associated Press that the photo and quote were fabricated. 

“The whole thing is completely manufactured,” she said in an email. 

Canadian photographer Melissa Trotter said she took the original photograph earlier this year. In the doctored photo, Schumer’s face was substituted for that of the original model. 

“The shoot was never about abortion or any sort of political commentary,” said Trotter, whose shoots are typically horror themed.

Trotter said after her photo was taken out of context, she has received death threats.


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