Caravan kids make life on road en route to US

November 7, 2018

Strengthened by only their resolve, thousands of Central Americans are continuing toward the U.S. border, withstanding scorching heat, chills, rain and illness as they make their way through southern Mexico.Hundreds of kids are among their ranks.During a night on the shoulder of a highway, one girl fell asleep on the pavement in her mother’s arms. Hours later, they and others awoke to pick up their sparse belongings and forge on. Another migrant wearing a straw cowboy hat carried her groggy-eyed daughter and waited to see if she could get a ride from a passing truck. Some pushed strollers and took to the road on foot, as expanses of green grass stretched out around them. Through it all, they managed to find lighthearted moments. Seventeen-year-old Honduran twins Jordy Alexander Arguijo and Jonny Alexander Arguijo posed for a picture in a church courtyard where their family was camping out. Another much younger girl broke into a smile after bathing in a nearby river. This photo gallery highlights some of the images made by Rodrigo Abd and Rebecca Blackwell, Associated Press photographers who are following the group.